Nielsen launches Nielsen Buyer Insights: Precision Marketing


NielsenIt’s a new digital measurement service that enables the activation and measurement of online campaigns based on what people buy. The solution expands on the Nielsen Buyer Insights service (launched last year) that brings ad effectiveness insights to TV advertising campaigns.  The Precision Marketing service addition is “built by combining consumer online activity with actual online and offline purchase activity from anonymized, privacy-protected credit card data of the Nielsen panel.”

The new service will extend demographics in order to provide clients with better insights. By including sales categories such as Retail, Travel, and Dining, as well as additional segments beyond Consumer Packaged Goods, companies will be offered better planning effectiveness. Sales-based segmentation will be enabled through the use of aggregated credit card (anonymous) spend for consumers.

The enhanced data set is adaptable for specific retail goals, but will tie consumer purchasing behavior to digital video and TV viewership. That could mean using video ads to drive brand awareness with infrequent TV viewers, or to see how campaigns across different online and TV content drive consumer demos to purchase online more frequently. So far, says Nielsen, four leading digital ad platforms have signed on to offer the new service to their clients and leverage the ability to deliver buyer segmented audiences, ranging from the category level to heavy buyers of a single merchant.

Nielsen Buyer Insights – Precision Marketing enables advertisers to:

— Drive sales among shoppers across the spectrum of spending (light to heavy)

–Drive special sale events and quick promotions

–Drive sales among a core shopper base

–Reach shoppers of competitive brands or retailers

“We see this as a huge step for digital precision marketing. Clients can see syndicated data exposing the reach and frequency of their ads layered with actual consumer shopping behavior,” stated Nada Bradbury, SVP Global Media Products, Nielsen. “Success can now be defined in growing the number of transactions and sales volume.  The industry is eager for a tool that analyzes the effectiveness of a campaign on actual sales.”

“Connecting with consumers is increasingly more complicated; yet, with new technologies that allow us to create a link between offline and online by harnessing insights from aggregated data, retailers can build direct connections with consumers to deliver messages and offers that will resonate,” said Jill Botway, Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Specific Media. “We’re pleased to strengthen our partnership with Nielsen and extend our commitment to bringing our clients sophisticated solutions that both epitomize efficiency and embody best practices for consumer protection.”

“This new product provides a powerful tool for brands looking to measure digital campaigns and identify consumers based on actual purchase data,” said Alan Schanzer, Chief Client Officer, Undertone. “Solutions like this are becoming increasingly important as advertisers focus on ways to effectively close the loop between digital advertising and offline sales.”

RBR-TVBR observation: This embodies the holy grail of ad effectiveness. Online and offline credit card purchasing is now measurable in near-real time. To craft a media plan and see it unfold with dollar figures soon after the ad buy is placed is close to magic. This not only shows how effective a digital media plan is, but also shows the dollars that plan is making for the client right after it’s implemented—by demos and location. It’s truly “research in motion.”