Nielsen National TV OOH Prelim Reporting Arrives


The commercial availability of Nielsen National TV Out-of-Home Preliminary Reporting has arrived, effective today (3/1). An extension of Nielsen National TV Out-of-Home Service, first launched in April 2017, this new report significantly expedites delivery of insights of out-of-home audiences.

Out-of-Home subscribers will now have the ability to receive individual telecast data within four business days of original airing.

It is Nielsen’s belief that this provides the industry “with the quick insights it needs to leverage in today’s dynamic business atmosphere.”

Robin Garfield, SVP/Research and Scheduling for CNN, warmly embraced the news.

“In this heavy news environment, people turn to CNN for the latest news and information on all screens and platforms, wherever they are during the day,” said Garfield. “It’s important for us to receive real-time consumer data across platforms that we can use to capture a more holistic view of our audience for advertisers and influencers alike. This expedited Nielsen offering marks a step forward in CNN’s ongoing commitment to advancing faster and more comprehensive audience measurement.”

Cary Meyers, SVP for ESPN Global Fan & Media Intelligence, is equally thrilled. While CNN is seen in many airport terminals and other public places, ESPN is counting on OOH measurement from Nielsen to put a metric on viewing of its programming in sports bars and in the homes of friends and family.

“Walk into any restaurant, health club or friend’s house, and ESPN is on the screen,” said Meyers. “That’s why we worked hand in hand with Nielsen to prioritize out-of-home measurement. It’s now just part of how we transact our business, capturing important audiences that previously went uncounted. We were the first media company to subscribe to Nielsen’s National OOH Measurement Service and look forward to the introduction of their OOH Preliminary Reporting tool, which will quantify that lift more quickly and enable better monetization of these insights.”

Nielsen Product Leadership SVP Kelly Abcarian commented, “What used to take weeks now only takes days and once again Nielsen is helping move the industry forward by investing in our reporting capabilities and allowing subscribing clients and the overall industry to uncover the additional viewing that out-of-home often brings in a quick and seamless manner. By expediting this process for subscribing clients, they now have an increased ability to compare out-of-home viewing directly to in-home audiences and make crucial business decisions in a much shorter period of time. In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s not enough simply to know your audience. Its critical to have the knowledge quicker to drive efficiency.”

Nielsen’s new National TV Out-of-Home Preliminary Reporting allows clients to receive Live+Same Day data for a specific telecast on an expedited basis, compared to the National TV Out-of-Home Service, which reports seven days of viewing at a time.

Both tools provide insights into viewing that occurs outside of the home—such as in hotels, gyms, or restaurants/bars.

​Nielsen National TV Out-of-Home Preliminary Reporting is an extension of Nielsen’s National TV Out-of-Home Service. This new reporting service uses Nielsen’s PPM technology from nearly 77,000 installed panelists. It combines the passively measured out-of-home viewing from the PPM panel with Nielsen’s national representative panel TV. This approach enables Nielsen to represent 65% of TV U.S. households to project what people are watching outside of their homes.