Nielsen partners with Moat


Nielsen1Moat deals in MRC-accredited brand intelligence and analytics; Nielsen measures what people watch and buy. A new agreement will bring the capabilities of the two companies together.

The goal is to develop a deeper understanding of audience exposure and engagement with advertising, enabling advertisers to make better decisions about using the media.

“The market is rapidly shifting toward Attention as the KPI for brands and publishers, while maintaining a focus on the importance of audience,” says Jonah Goodhart, CEO, Moat. “This collaboration with Nielsen enables an industry first offering – the ability to deliver audience data with attention signals such as viewability, exposure time metrics, and interactivity.”

“The future of advertising is about attracting and keeping the scarce resource of attention,” says Michael Andrew, Executive Data Science Director at AKQA, a subsidiary of WPP. “The ability to understand how different audiences pay attention is a big leap forward and vital to creating relevant experiences that benefit both the consumer and the advertiser.”

“At its core, AOL creates original content that engages audience,” says Tim Lemmon, Chief Analytics Officer, AOL. “Through the access and integration of Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings within the Moat platform, we are able to effectively measure and optimize to success for our clients.”

“Our agreement with Moat will further establish Nielsen as a leading provider of digital campaign measurement,” says Andrew Feigenson, Managing Director, Digital, Nielsen. “As ad measurement continues to evolve and advertisers seek greater engagement metrics, Nielsen remains committed to collaborating with technology innovators to meet the emergent needs of the industry. Our leadership in digital campaign measurement combined with Moat’s ability to measure attention including and beyond viewability gives publishers and marketers greater dimension in measuring campaigns and valuing advertising inventory.”