Nielsen says A2/M2 on track


Marking the one year anniversary of its Anytime Anywhere Media Measurement initiative (A2/M2), Nielsen has sent clients a progress report claiming success in its effort to "follow the video," regardless of what platform people are using to watch. Of course, television itself is still where most viewing takes place, so deploying Local People Meters is a key focus of A2/M2. Nielsen says it remains on schedule to have LPMs in all of the top 25 markets by early 2010, having completed the top 10 about a year ago. Houston, Tampa and Seattle are due to being their LPM "preliminary period" deployment next month, with the data becoming ratings currency in October.

Possibly beginning also in October will be measurement of video viewing via the Internet in a limited number of live panel homes. "Convergence Panel" tests have already been conducted and Nielsen is now conducting complementary research to answer questions raised by its client committee.

Out-of-home viewing measurement is a current major focus as Nielsen evaluates two options for passive measurement: Smart Cell Phones or custom "Go Meters." Both would collect audio signatures from TV viewing away from home. Nielsen has already been testing both options and plans a major "Go Meters" test in August.