Nielsen, Syncbak complete mobile trial


NielsenNielsen and Syncbak, the streaming company that enables users to watch live, in-market broadcast television, announced the successful completion of a two-week technical trial aimed at capturing and measuring viewing on mobile devices using Syncbak technology.  The trial verified that broadcasters can obtain measureable online and mobile viewing using Syncbak technology.

In collaboration with CBS, which is a strategic investor of Syncbak, Nielsen conducted a tablet and mobile measurement test with four CBS owned television stations in New York and Los Angeles – WCBS, WLNY, KCBS and KCAL. In these markets Nielsen successfully captured all viewing.

“This test was an important step in our commitment to fully measuring television content on mobile and tablet platforms,” said Farshad Family, Senior Vice President, Local Media Product Leadership at Nielsen. “When it comes to mobile streaming Syncbak is an increasingly important player so we are pleased to demonstrate to the industry that we can count and incorporate their viewing and add it to the existing television metrics.”

“As consumers access programming in new ways content creators and providers need viewing on all platforms to be captured; local television stations play a critical role in this delivery ecosystem, said David Poltrack, Chief Research Officer at CBS. “With the success of this trial we now know we can obtain measureable credit for the in-market mobile viewing of our content and do so in a way that is monetizable.”

“As the industry looks to deliver live in-market television to mobile devices it is imperative that all parties involved ranging from broadcasters to station owners to content creators know that Nielsen can accurately count the viewing,” said Jack Perry, CEO of Syncbak.  “This trial allows us to move forward in pairing local viewers with local content in a way that helps all of our various industry partners.”