Nielsen to Expand Social Ratings to Measure TV Facebook Talk


FacebookNielsen plans to expand its Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings to include Facebook in the first half of the year.

The expanded metrics, Nielsen’s “Social Content Ratings,” will measure program-related conversation on Twitter and Facebook; that would include posts shared by family and friends, with followers and publicly. The audience research firm will track conversations about original video programming from TV and over-the-top streaming providers for linear airtimes and on a 24/7 basis.

A recent Nielsen study found that nearly 60% of smartphone and tablet owners use their devices while watching TV several times a week or more. Consumers are using these “second screens” to browse the Internet, connect with friends about what they’re watching and read social discussion of programs. Combined with social media, this multi-screening behavior has transformed watching television into a social experience. That includes actions like looking up plot information on actors and athletes while a program is on, emailing and texting about the program or buying coupons related to program content.

The company says its Social Content Ratings will provide “a holistic view of social program conversation, unlocking actionable insights for networks, agencies and advertisers.

The company will help answer what is the total amount of social conversation about a program, when and how do audiences engage with program content across social networks, and how promo strategies across linear, digital and social channels relate to program activity on each social network, among others.

RBR+TVBR observation: I’ve seen some headlines that say the company is inserting social ratings into its TV ratings. It’s not. This is an expansion of a social media ratings product.