Nielsen to measure TV in Puerto Rico


The Nielsen Company announced that it will begin measuring television viewing in Puerto Rico. Ratings data is to be available by Q1 of 2010.

The first clients to sign up for Nielsen’s new ratings service include the island’s three biggest stations: Telemundo O&O WKAQ-TV; Univision O&O WLII-TV; and independent WAPA-TV, owned by InterMedia Partners.

Nielsen changes the landscape in Puerto Rico, where Mediafax had previously been the primary source of TV ratings. Mediafax is owned by Kantar Media Research, the media research unit of Millward Brown and The Kantar Group of WPP Worldwide Ltd.

Nielsen says its new ratings in Puerto Rico will be collected from a sample of 500 homes, chosen using Nielsen’s random area probability sampling techniques to accurately represent all demographics and regions of the island of Puerto Rico. The panel homes will have electronic push-button People Meters installed on each television in their homes. Nielsen said it will use targeted monetary incentives to reach segments of the population, particularly younger homes, which historically have been difficult to recruit in Puerto Rico. Recruitment has already begun, with the first TV ratings expected to deliver to subscribers early next year.  

The ratings company included quotes from all three major TV clients hailing the new service.

“Nielsen has the global expertise and knowledge in sampling to ensure this new TV ratings system will be a more accurate representation than we’ve had in the past,” said Hilary A. Hattler, President and General Manager of WKAQ-TV (Telemundo).

“Nielsen will be providing a better sample and more accurate representation of market viewing with the latest technology, which will help advertisers make more informed decisions,” said Larry Sands, President and General Manager of WLII-TV (Univision).

“Puerto Rico advertisers will be getting the most detailed information available from this new system,” said José E. Ramos, President of WAPA-TV (Independent).

Nielsen’s new TV measurement system will be led by Victor Vazquez, a native to Puerto Rico with 27 years of experience on the island.  

The Nielsen Company currently reports television audience measurement in more than 30 countries worldwide, including the US.