Nielsen Expands Total Audience Measurement for Local Markets


It’s been a busy few days for Nielsen, which on Wednesday (9/26) saw its shares climb above the $28 mark for the first time since a July 25 swoon that pummeled the audience measurement giant’s stock, sending it to its lowest levels since at least 2010.

On Tuesday, Nielsen introduced a “proprietary viewability solution to bring greater transparency to digital advertising and enable greater comparability to TV.” This new tool, Qualified Ad Audiences, launches with premium ad servers Freewheel and Innovid.

On Monday, Nielsen revealed that it will “transform” the measurement of markets that are measured with the audio diary from a quarterly or two times a year view to year-round measurement with monthly reporting. The move means all of Nielsen Audio’s markets will receive data every 30 days — just like its electronically measured markets that utilize the Portable People Meter (PPM).

Today, Nielsen moved forward with the expansion of its Total Audience capability for local measurement of ads and content across all 210 local DMAs.

This custom tool, says Nielsen, leverages key Nielsen Total Audience solutions including Digital Ad Ratings, Total Ad Ratings and Digital Content Ratings, to measure reach, frequency, and GRP performance for ads and content across digital and TV at the local market level.

This comes in addition to the inclusion of linear measurement contributions from virtual multi-channel video distributors (vMVPDs) directly to Local TV Ratings from earlier this year.

Previously, clients were only able to do this on a national level.

“By enabling our clients to demonstrate the total reach they can deliver to advertisers at the local market level, local television can access the same key metrics as national television to know how their media is working,” Kelly Abcarian, SVP Product Leadership at Nielsen, said in prepared comments. “This helps to better inform their sales strategy and enables effective decision-making about where and when to engage audiences with content and advertising on a local level.”

Nielsen Total Ad Ratings measures total and incremental reach for all audiences, regardless of device or platform distribution, for any advertising campaign across TV, computer, and mobile platforms, and will include OTT impressions in 2019.

Total Ad Ratings uses industry-standard inputs – namely Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings data – coupled with Nielsen TV Ratings data, to deliver reporting of de-duplicated persons-level campaign audiences. Now available for local markets, it provides a view of deduplicated reach on TV, digital, and combined — showing the incremental value that digital can provide to audiences within a target DMA region or set of DMA regions.