Nielsen: US ad spend dropped .1% in first three quarters


The Nielsen Company today reported that advertising spending for the first three quarters of 2007 decreased –0.1% over the same period last year, with Internet continuing to demonstrate the strongest performance (+15.9%) of any category.

According to preliminary figures from Nielsen Monitor-Plus, in addition to Internet advertising, other categories that showed an increase during the first three quarters of this year were: National Magazines (7.7%), National Sunday Supplements (6.0%), Outdoor (5.7%) and National Cable TV (1.2%). 
Ad spend across monitored media for the top 10 companies in the first half of 2007 reached 30.5 billion, down an average of 6.3% from the same time period in 2006.  Eight out of the 10 advertisers decreased budgets.  GM continues to show the largest decline.

Spending for the 10 largest categories reached 20.8 billion in the first three quarters, 2.3% less than the same period last year.  Most product categories have decreased their ad spending, with the exception of Pharmaceuticals, Wireless Telephone Services, and DR products.  The top category in terms of increased ad spend was Wireless Telephone Services at 7.3%–Verizon Wireless was the top brand in terms of total ad spending for this time period in the wireless product category at 449.2 million, and AT&T Wireless second at 402.5 million in ad spend.
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