‘Reboot Logic’: Nielsen’s Reason For PPM Snafu


Some six weeks after a move by Nielsen Audio to a new audio data collection site resulted in some 8% of all installed PPMs losing connectivity, becoming inactive, the company has identified the root cause of the glitch.

No, it’s not Pretzel Logic.

It’s “reboot logic in a subset of meters that were unable to connect to the collection server after multiple attempts,” a company message sent to Nielsen Audio clients said.

“We are testing a software update to the reboot logic, and upon successful testing and review with the Media Rating Council (MRC), we plan to implement the fix by the end of Q1 2017.”

Getting the MRC’s involvement in a testing and review of such a fix is a good sign.

On Monday (12/19), the MRC withheld its accreditation from the Dec. 2016 Nielsen Audio PPM service reports for those markets in which the PPM service is currently accredited.

“Nielsen is confident in our findings of the root cause and that all meters in our currency panels are operating within our quality norms,” the company told its clients in the letter.

Nielsen says it will continue to monitor all in-market meters on a daily basis.