Nielsen BASES Launches In-Home Product Solution


By Summer Jarro
Special to RBR+TVBR

On Aug. 23, Nielsen’s product innovation discipline called BASES announced the launch of its new in-home use product testing solution.

The new solution is called BASES Product Quick Use, and it is aimed at those in the market business to help them create a consumer’s product experience faster and better.

BASES Product Quick Use was built to help fast-moving consumer good (FMCG) companies adopt quicker product developments, according to a Nielsen press release.

The new BASES system will also help relieve some pressure from product developers and marketers in the consumer goods industry.

According to BASES, 84 percent of FMGC professionals feel more pressure now than they did about ten years ago to get new products out into the market. BASES will help with this issue by giving product developers and marketers accurate consumer feedback during development so they know what changes to make before releasing the product officially, according to a news release.

BASES Product Quick Use is sent on the digital platform Nielsen Studio. Nielsen Studio allows for faster setup, data collection and reporting and continuously develops to ways to improve a product for FMCG companies, according to a news release.

“Fierce competition from nimble consumer goods start-ups have disrupted well-established category leaders within the global FMCG space, causing many marketers to cut corners in order to get their products to market faster,” said Joe Willke, president of BASES in a news release. “‘Being fast isn’t the same thing as being agile. … With the introduction of Product Quick Use, we are able to deliver BASES’ industry leading consumer insights at a speed that supports true agile innovation.”

BASES Product Quick Use is available now in select markets around the world.