NJ gov candidates find a radio debate venue


Governor Jon Corzine would not debate other candidates for his office on Millennium New Jersey’s WKXW-FM Trenton, but said he would show up at non-com WBGO-FM Newark on 10/22/09. Chris Christie (R) and Chris Daggett (I) have also agreed to join the verbal duel.

Christie’s participation was said to be in doubt, as he considerd mirroring Corzine and skipping the WBGO event, but he has now officially agreed to show up. It’s on the schedule for 10/22/09.

The candidates also face off on television 10/18/09 and lieutenant governor candidates will face off 10/8/09.
The WBGO broadcast will be available statewide via simulcast. Participating stations include WHYY-FM (Philadelphia area), WNYC-FM (New York area), NJN Radio (nine stations from Sussex to Cape May) and WBJB-FM (Lincroft, NJ).

RBR-TVBR observation: If we were running for office, we would never skip a debate. We would want every opportunity to make our case. We may not like a particular debate format, but as long as the rules are fair, we would simply study them and try to use them to our advantage.

We also do not believe in sitting on a lead, which is usually the only reason any candidate skips out on a debate. But in Corzine’s case, his refusal to debate on WKXW constitutes sitting on a trail or a behind. To us it makes no sense whatsoever.

It is interesting that Christie seemed to think that if Corzine was going to pull this stunt, then he’d do it to in the case of WBGO. We respect the fact that he thought twice and has decided to make his case face to face.