NJ state senator asks Cablevision to reimburse customers


Constituents of Republican New Jersey State Senator Tom Goodwin are missing professional football games, major league baseball play-off games and other programming while Cablevision dukes it out with Fox over retransmission fees, and Goodwin thinks his constituents deserve a refund.

In a letter to Cablevision’s James Dolan, Goodwin wrote, “These negotiations have already led to a blackout of three National League baseball playoff games, Sunday’s New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles games, and numerous other popular programs.

When I first wrote to you eight days ago, I asked that you make every effort to ensure that your customers have access to uninterrupted programming while you complete negotiations for a new contract. I requested this because I knew a blackout would be completely unfair to the customers of Cablevision who pay for their services every month.

“The ratepayers in my district and across the state are being held hostage by these negotiations and are being deprived of the services they pay for. I ask that you reimburse Cablevision customers for each day that they are denied these channels.

“As a Cablevision customer and a lifelong Phillies fan, I am outraged over the pace of these negotiations and the unjust punishment that your customers continue to endure. I appreciate your consideration of my request. I hope that your company chooses to do the right thing and reimburse your customers for each day they are being robbed by this continued blackout.”