Nielsen Board OK’s Dividend As Stock Sputter Persists


The Board of Directors of Nielsen Holdings plc has declared a quarterly cash dividend of Nielsen’s common stock.

The $0.06 dividend is payable on March 19, to shareholders of record at the close of business on Thursday, March 5.

The dividend announcement comes as Nielsen shares continue their struggle to return to prices seen prior to August 2019.

The last six months has been stagnant for the company, which is splitting into two in an effort to bolster its consumer research arm while reaping the continued benefits from its audience measurement business.

In late November 2019, a $19.55 finish was seen for NLSN. Today, shares just before the Closing Bell sat at $21.83, off 1.9% from Thursday. While that is still better than most points since September 2019, shares were easily over $23 through late May 2019 and one-year ago were priced at more than $26 per share.

Then there is the five-year chart for Nielsen, which paints an ugly portrait for investors.

As shown above, Nielsen’s problems on Wall Street accelerated in September 2017, one year after troubles first arose for a company with its stock climbing well into the $53 range.

That said, financial blog Simply Wall St. believes NLSN is trading at a discount.

“Relative to [a] share price of $21.80, the company appears a touch undervalued at a 27% discount to where the stock price trades currently,” it believes, using the Discounted Cash Flow method.

Meanwhile, Reuters reports that former Nielsen Holdings plc President Steve Hasker will be named CEO of Thomson Reuters Corp. An announcement could come Tuesday.