No ducking fine for four years of tardiness


WKLC-FM St. Albans WV suffered the destruction of its tower site back in 2004, but was able to procure a CP to get back in operation. It was ready to go by the 2007 deadline, but didn’t get around to applying for a new license until 2011.

The licensee, WKLC Inc., said that the error was simply an oversight and an inconsequential on at that, and cited precedent saying that it should be eligible for a reduction or cancellation of the two fines it was hit with, one of $3K for failure to file a required form and another of $4K, down from a possible $10K, for four years of unauthorized operation.

The FCC noted that there was nothing minor or inconsequential about an infraction with a four-year duration, and said the precedent cited by the licensee referred to cases where the length was measured in weeks or days.

As for getting a reduction, the FCC noted it already knocked a possible $6K off the financial penalty.

And as for the licensee’s request for a reduction based on a record of compliance, the FCC noted it had received an admonition for a failure at a co-owned station, showing that the licensee’s record was not spotless as claimed.

The fine stands.

The station is operating as a member of the Charleston WV market. It’s a Class B on 105.1 with 3.6 kW @ 1,663’. It goes by the moniker Rock 105.