No go yet for WCOM-FM tower app.


We recently reported on Family Life Network wanting to erect a broadcast tower in Brant, NY, 25 miles south of Buffalo. WCOM-FM applied for permission to build the 299-foot tower last August and was waiting for an answer 6/1 when the Brant Town Board conducted a special meeting 6:30 p.m. on it. A reader tells us the meeting took place and no approval was given: “With one member of the five-member town board absent, the vote was 2-2 on a ‘negative declaration’ document stating that no environmental impact would be provided by the tower.  One member voting against it basically said he didn’t want the tower in the town, while the other sited the fact that a propane gas company was nearby thus a potential hazard.  What is interesting is that the propane company is 850′ from the proposed 300′ tower.  The town has no restrictions on towers and has already approved four towers in the town.  Legal action might be forthcoming unless another vote with all members present could change the stalemate.”