No UK scandal spillover seen for Fox TV licenses


FOXIt looks like what happens in the UK stays in the UK, as far as allegations of wrong-doing by properties of News Corporation is concerned, according to most observers.

Hillicon Valley noted the fact that the FCC has very rarely revoked a license throughout its history. And numerous experts it discussed the possibility with did not see a path for the FCC to follow to that end in this case.

For one thing, merely embarking on a proceeding to delve into the question of whether or not News Corporation possesses the necessary character to hold a broadcast license would instantly become a political hot potato. And the corporation would not lack for vocal defenders on Capitol Hill.

It was noted that the problems the company is facing in the United Kingdom seem to be far removed from its US broadcast operation.

One attorney said in his opinion it would require behavior on the part of News Corp. that is so outrageous that it becomes impossible for the FCC to ignore. Another noted that thus far, nothing of that ilk has surfaced.

RBR-TVBR observation: Expert opinion that is starting to come out echoes what we’ve been saying all along. It seems to us that the only way the FCC could easily move on the company’s broadcast licenses is if actual Fox O&Os are found egregiously breaking the rules. And there is not a shred of a molecule of a reason to believe that is the case.

Proving that there are character problems at News Corp. serious enough to revoke licenses based on the actions of a newspaper overseas just doesn’t seem a plausible route for the FCC to even consider taking.