Nokia turns on smartphone FM chips


Mobile_PhoneThe Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone is coming out, and among its features is a special smart camera – Nokia calls it a Smart Camera app – we suppose the caps suggest how smart it is! – and another smart thing the device will do is turn on FM chips. Earlier models will also turn on FM.

The Lumia Windows Phone 8 update is the offering – it’s being called the “amber” update by Vox Media’s The Verge – and it features a very special camera that snaps ten rapid-fire shots and then gives the user multiple options to edit and otherwise manipulate the results.

According to The Verge, the phone brings back an FM radio feature “that has lay dormant in the handsets.” The phasing there supports the frequent complaints of Emmis Communications exec Jeff Smulyan, who has loudly contended that most smartphones do not lack FM chips, they just lack activated FM chips.

According to My Broadband, Nokia intends to go back and activate FM chips in many of its previously released devices.