Non-com settles with FCC on EAS


When an FCC field agent visited KCEC-FM Wellton (Yuma), AZ on April 8, 2005, the agent found that the station had EAS equipment, but it was unplugged. That’s a non-no. The unit was plugged in and, at the request of the agent, two stations which were supposed to supply alerts to KCEC ran EAS tests, but the equipment at KCEC did not detect the activation tests. It was later determined by the station’s Chief Engineer that the EAS equipment had been in the manual mode, rather than set for automatic reception. Because of those EAS problems, the San Diego office of the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau had proposed to fine licensee Farmworker Educational Radio Network $8,000. The non-profit organization appealed. A settlement has now been reached to have the licensee make a $4,000 voluntary contribution to the US Treasury and institute special procedures to ensure EAS compliance at KCEC.