Non-Winning Bid In FCC’s Auction 1001? Here’s What To Do


The FCC‘s Incentive Auction Task Force, in conjunction with the Media Bureau, Wireless
Telecommunications Bureau, and the Office of Economics and Analytics, is now making public “certain information” about non-winning bids in the reverse auction portion of the broadcast television incentive auction — a.k.a. Auction 1000.

On April 13, 2017, the Commission released the Incentive Auction Closing Public Notice
announcing the close of the incentive auction. At that time, the Commission
released the full results of the forward auction (Auction 1002).

Consistent with the Commission’s decision to keep information pertaining to unsuccessful bids in the reverse auction (Auction 1001) confidential for a period of two years after the close of the auction, the Commission only released information regarding the Auction 1001 winning bidders and their winning bid amounts at that time.

The two-year confidentiality period has now ended.

“Today we are making available information about non-winning bids and other related data regarding bidding in the reverse auction, together with an updated file specification document,” the Commission said.

It can be found at