Noncom dealing in Alabama, Ohio


$3K WQLS-FM Camden AL; and WTBT-FM CP Dozier AL from Alabama Christian Radio Inc. (Jimmy Jarrell) to Townsend Broadcasting Enterprise (Timothy Townsend). Cash. WQLS-FM is a Class A on 90.5 MHz with 400 W @ 420’; WTBT-FM CP is a Class A on 90.5 MHz with 300 W @ 243. [FCC file date 2/14/12]

$1.5K WYOR-FM CP Republic OH from Side By Side Inc. (Todd Hostetler) to Smile FM (Edward Czelada et al). Cash. CP is for Class A on 88.5 MHz with 1.1 kW @ 322’. [FCC file date 2/14/12]