Noncom radio program source scores funding


Public Radio Exchange (PRX) is a service aimed at escorting noncommercial audio media into the digital age, bringing programming to the field that can be used not just on broadcast but on multiple 21st Century audio platforms. It now has another $2.7M in funding to work with.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is the main source, kicking in $1.5M over two years. The MacArthur Foundation is providing $900K over three years; and the Ford Foundation is chipping in a one-year $300K donation. FF has previously included PRX in a five year program called “Global Perspectives in a Digital Age: Transforming Public Service Media.”

According to PRX, it “…operates public media’s largest open distribution marketplace – offering tens of thousands of audio programs for broadcast and digital use, clearing rights and managing royalties for over 2,000 independent producers and stations. Signature programs from PRX include The Moth Radio Hour, Sound Opinions, State of the Re:Union, Snap Judgment, and the Vinyl Cafe.

PRX has a service – REMIX – on XM, and has various digital and mobile services in operation or in development.

“This round of support accelerates PRX’s momentum as the field’s leading innovator and collaborator,” said Jake Shapiro, CEO of PRX. “We are embarking on a strategic expansion of our services to meet the extraordinary needs and opportunities in the transformation of journalism and media.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Just as has been the case with commercial radio, the noncoms have had to deal with the reality of reduced operating capital. This service, which helps the field stretch its operation budget while opening new avenues to find an audience, should be an excellent resource.