Noncoms buying stations are also buying some time


A quartet of call-letter-free deals has been filed with the FCC, with the absence of calls due to the CP status of the licenses. Although they look like swaps, the deals are filed as sales with cash changing hands, and all four of them include requests for an 18-month extension on the CP.

One pair of deals involves Shredding the Darkness and California Association for Research and Education Inc. SD is selling its CP for an FM in Banks AR to CARE for $3K, and CARE is selling its CP for an FM in Natchitoches LA to SD for $15K. Both CPs are set to expire 12/27/10.

The Banks facility is to be a Class C1 on 89.3 MHz with 60 kW @ 226’; the higher-valued Natchitoches facility is to be a Class C3 on 88.9 MHz with 5 kW @ 535’.

The other pair of deals involves Lighthouse Christian Fellowship and Edgewater Broadcasting Inc. LCF is selling its CP for Hampton IA to EBI, and EBI is selling its CP for Ludlow FL to LCF. Both CPs are valued at $3.5K.

The Hampton CP is for a Class C1 on 90.5 MHz with 100 kW @ 322’, and it expires 3/12/11; the Ludlow CP is for a Class B1 on 88.1 MHz with 14 kW @ 262’, and it expires 12/17/10.

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