Noncoms echo NAB in opposition to auction tech change


FCCThe proposal put forth by the FCC to change contour measurement software in the midst of the process of preparing for incentive auctions next year has been vigorously opposed by NAB, and now non-profit television organizations are joining the opposition.

According to an article in Current, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Public Broadcasting Service and the Association of Public Televisions all are balking at the changes proposed by the FCC in a bulletin known as OET-69.

The injection of a new level of uncertainty into the proceeding is a primary concern, and tied to it is the possibility that many stations, perhaps more than 60% of them, could lose coverage area under the new regimen.

The groups say they are already struggling to figure out the implications of the process on the stations within their sphere of operations, and the last thing needed at the moment is a brand new complication. They said that the timing of the FCC proposal was “a nonstarter.”