NorMan GoldMan gets his own national show


After four years of guest hosting the national Ed Schultz Radio Show and providing legal analysis for MSNBC, NorMan GoldMan is going live with his own affiliate-focused talker — on his own network, from his own studio, every afternoon starting at 3PM PT. Norm is described as smart, approachable, funny, upbeat, logical and “fiercely independent.”

Sounds pretty compelling: NorMan will run only one minute of network inventory for the first six months. He’ll also fill in for your local host when they’re on vacation—at no charge (first come, first served). He’ll also record spots, do live reads and come to your market for appearances at no charge.

NorMan GoldMan will provide breaking legal for your cluster’s News Talk Morning show, or any local host, again, for free. Hear/See Demo Here – Contact Bill Figenshu, [email protected], 570-595-2444.