Norman Goldman Show launching nationwide tour


Compass Media Networks announces record audience levels for The Norman Goldman Show across all platforms. The show launched 9/09 continues to grow in audience both on air and online. In addition, the show has delighted local station affiliates by providing support to local radio affiliate advertisers at no cost to the station.

At each of the Portland, Chicago, and Seattle affiliates, Goldman has scheduled appearances at station client locations thereby strengthening the station/advertiser relationship. Playing to packed venues, Norm brings his story of struggle from rags to righteous by describing his upbringing in the orphanages of NYC, the successful law practice in LA, to his fierce independent stance resulting in the launch of a national radio show. His emotion filled message of hard work, tenacity, and passion for justice resonates with listeners and advertisers alike.

The result is double digit web site growth ( and monthly show podcast numbers approaching 50,000. As a result of the successful radio show response, his web site has been updated to further enhance the relationship with his growing audience and potential advertisers.

“Norman Goldman is a Sales Department’s dream. He’s a great speaker and the crowd bonds with him very quickly. We love the guy!” said Don Oylear – GSM/CBS Radio Seattle.

“Our goal is to be the most affiliate friendly and audience welcoming talk show in syndication,” said Bill Figenshu, President, & CEO of FigMedia1 and consultant to the Norman Goldman Show. “Norm’s show is completely cutting edge in terms of the clock, designed for PPM, and digital extensions that enable our audience to interact with Norman on every possible platform, as well as non-traditional station revenue which includes local radio remotes featuring Norman Goldman at station events at zero cost to our affiliates.”

“In less than six months, Norman Goldman has established himself as one of the fast growing talk shows in America,” said Peter Kosann, CEO of Compass Media Networks. “Our affiliate base continues to grow and prospective stations are taking note of Norman’s traction in markets like Chicago, Portland, and Seattle.”

Augmenting the on air program, The Norman Goldman Show is now being distributed through various web portals including iHeart Radio, iTunes, AOL Radio, RadioTime, as well as the mobile application Stitcher making Norm’s show available to the dashboards of 2011 Ford cars and trucks through its successful Sync technology.