Northern California FM changing hands


KSYC-FM is licensed to Yreka CA, in an Arbitron-free portion of California. It’s being acquired by Buffalo Broadcasting LLC, headed by Mark and Cynthia Baird. The seller is Jamison-Wolf Enterprises Inc.

The price will be $650K in cash, with $250K paid up front as earnest money and the rest due at closing. According to the contract, $225K of that will be allocated to the building and real estate associated with the property, and $425K will be allocated to the station and its intangibles. An LMA was scheduled to kick in 3/1/11. Lee Jamison signed off on the deal for the seller.

The station is a Class C1 on 103.9 MHz with 10 kW @ 2,359’. It uses a Country format, and in tips its hat to its home county with the moniker Siskiyou Country.

Yreka is located inland on I-5. The nearest Arbitron market to the north is Medford-Ashland OR; to the south, you need to go a bit farther to reach the Redding CA market.