Not your ordinary beauty pageants


Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to beauty pageants? Think again. TLC is presenting three programs in coming weeks that give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most unconventional pageants in America.

Produced by Authentic Entertainment – the same producers behind TLC’s hit series “Toddlers and Tiaras – each episode follows three pageant hopefuls as they prepare for and compete in some of the most atypical pageants in the country. Food items and animals including yams, ducks, and drumsticks become the centralized themes for these long-running and competitive southern pageants.

First up, airing Tuesday, March 9th at 10 pm ET, TLC looks at The Miss Turkey Trot and Miss Drumsticks Pageants. Yellville, Arkansas is the home of the Turkey Trot Festival where it’s all about turkeys! Every year people from all over the country partake in many fun events, including the International Turkey Calling Competition. But what draws the biggest crowd are the Miss Turkey Trot and Miss Drumsticks Pageants where girls compete to win a chance to represent their town. They prepare for months working out, choosing the right evening gown and perfecting hair and makeup. But the most work goes into making sure their legs look like perfect “drumsticks” when they stand behind that cardboard turkey!

Top Yam: The Louisiana Yambilee Queen Pageant, will air firday, march 26th at 10 pm ET. Every year in Opelousas, Louisiana, the town gathers to celebrate their main crop, the yam, at the Yambilee Festival. This five-day festival includes events like yam cook-offs, a Yam-i-mal contest, a carnival and of course, the Yambilee Queen Pageant. This year’s competition is fierce as girls compete to win $500 and the opportunity to be THE spokesperson for the community. Will the confident pageant pro Megan beat the first timer Imani, even though Imani’s father is the Grand Marshall of the festival?

Last but not least, airing Friday, April 2nd at 10 pm ET, is a look at The Queen Mallard Pageant. Only in Stuttgart, Arkansas will you find the World Champion Duck Calling Competition at the Wings Over the Prairie Festival…and the Queen Mallard Beauty Pageant! When a $1000 scholarship, a personalized duck call and big time bragging rights are at stake, contestants work hard to be pageant perfect. It’s a head to head competition, where high school beauties compete against their university counterparts… and the competition is fierce!  Will Anna Lee’s fluctuating weight keep her from taking home the crown?  Will the judges see through Samantha’s Barbie-like image to her snarky side or will young Gracen steal the stage?  

It sounds just ducky!