Novela La Fuerza del Destino to debut on Univision


Univision Network is preparing for next week’s US premiere of “La Fuerza del Destino” (The Power of Destiny). The novella was produced by Televisa and was a hit when it aired earlier this year in Mexico.

The plot?

“La Fuerza del Destino  is the riveting tale of Iván Villagómez (David Zepeda), an honest man from humble beginnings who at a very young age encounters rejection, trickery and manipulation. Ivan’s strength will be tested when he is framed for murder and is forced to flee to the United States, looking for a better life away from those who have wronged him. There, despite all adversity, he makes an honest living and with the help of a mentor becomes a prominent businessman.
Eleven years after leaving his hometown, Iván yearns for answers and returns to Álamos, Sonora, to discover the truth behind his past. In this journey for justice, he unexpectedly finds love in his childhood friend Lucía (Sandra Echeverría), the sister of Iván’s former girlfriend Maripaz (Laisha Wilkins), who was pregnant with his child at the time he was forced to flee. The worst is yet to come however, as Iván uncovers the truth behind his child’s disappearance and decides to seek revenge at all cost.”

Featuring an A-list cast of Latin American stars, the  novela tells the story of a man’s unwavering quest for truth and justice, all guided by the undying force of destiny featuring David Zepeda, Sandra Echevarría, Laisha Wilkins and Gabriel Soto.

The US premiere is set for Tuesday, August 2nd at 9:00 pm ET/PT on Univision.