A Forecast and Pending Business Reporting System For Radio


Looking for a pending business and forecast management system for your radio stations?

Here’s something that may be of interest to you, as media ad sales platform creator Matrix Solutions has partnered with Katz Media Group on a new reporting system for its broadcast partners.

The Matrix platform combines the local and national pending advertising business into one system, providing broadcasters with a comprehensive forecasting tool within the platform.

As part of its new architecture, Matrix Solutions added the Katz integration to streamline, automate, and create a single hub where Matrix Solutions clients can manage their disparate data. With the new connected API workflow, Matrix Solutions and Katz provide a comprehensive, streamlined forecasting platform — without having to bounce between systems — that also automates a portion of the proposal reporting process.

The integration with Katz bridges critical systems to automatically generate proposals within the Matrix platform. This eliminates the need for duplicate proposal entry and management. Additionally, Matrix will automatically close pending dollars once billing data is received from the traffic system. This process will ensure continuous forecast accuracy without adding latency in the sales process.

“As an organization, one of our primary objectives is to automate, streamline and facilitate the transaction of the media ad workflow for our clients,” said Matrix Solutions CEO Mark Gorman. “This integration with Katz delivers best-in-class proposal workflow for media sellers and ensures data accuracy.”

Joe Brewer, Katz Media Group’s Chief Administrative Officer and EVP/Business Operations, said, “Katz is always looking to offer our broadcast partners the latest technology and innovative tools to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible, and help drive results for advertisers. Our integration with the Matrix system provides our broadcaster partners with a complete forecasting view by merging both national and local pending business, into one cohesive reporting system.”