Now Available: A ‘Full-Service Smart Speaker Package’


Introducing a new service for radio stations that truly wish to recapture the home via the smart speaker.

United Stations Radio Networks, a radio programming, production and technical services company, has teamed with digital content and ad revenue firm SoCast for a
“two-pronged approach to help radio stations establish themselves” in the smart speaker arena — and to effectively promote the use of radio listening via such devices.

Together, USRN and SoCast are offering a new service for radio stations called SMART SPEAKER V.A.L.E.T. (Voice Activated Listener Engagement Technology).

The companies describe Smart Speaker V.A.L.E.T. as “a complete support service that can take subscribing stations all the way through the process of smart speaker integration, from entry into that platform to using on-air, online, and social media to promote consumer usage of smart speakers for listening to over-the-air radio stations.”

The service is designed to provide technical support for the activation and streaming of each station’s signal through smart speakers as well as video production, audio production, and creative writing services.

USRN SVP/Content & Affiliation Stefan Jones commented, “We found that lots of radio stations were entering the smart speaker environment without a plan as to what happens next.  We felt that it was important to create a service where a station can not only GO to smart speakers, but GROW with them as well. SoCast’s built its suite of digital services specifically for radio broadcasters, with the goal of helping them grow audience and revenue. That made SoCast the ideal partner for USRN in this joint effort to help radio stations expand their reach on smart speakers.”

Elliott Hurst, founder and CEO of Toronto-based SoCast added, “We loved the vision of the USRN team, who felt that emerging audio technology would be best served by offering creative content for promotional support. USRN has a rich history of providing quality products and services to radio stations across the U.S. Partnering with USRN, we can advance our goal of radio everywhere, as we continue to develop digital products that help radio reach more listeners in more places.”