Now it can be told: Content is king


OK, so maybe our headline is a bit on the flippant side – but a British promoter with a track record of success says that even though some companies have a head start in the digital space, creators of compelling content will be able to carve out their own significant niche.

The exec is Simon Fuller, who had a hand in the creation of musical sensation The Spice Girls and the global “___ Idol” franchise.

He told UK’s The Guardian that Google and Microsoft are the ones with an internet head start – but he sees it as essentially meaningless in an almost completely unsettled entertainment arena.

“It is a unique time, a troubling time but special because I don’t think anyone has all the answers. No one has really figured out how this can work positively for everyone,” he said. “It is a serious war zone … no one has really struck oil, but we know it is out there. My hat is firmly in the ring of the creator.”

He noted that creators have an even better chance with the internet than they have had for a long time in traditional media, since the traditional gatekeepers are now under severe duress. This applies in full force to record companies, which the internet took completely by surprise. And Fuller thinks that TV networks and movie studios are in danger of falling into the same trap that the recording companies are still mired in. All of which makes it easier for the creators to pull an end-around and control their own internet destiny.

“The next big idea could come from some kid in India. That’s the way it should be – I’m excited,” he said.

RBR-TVBR observation: What’s true of the digital space remains true for traditional media. TV? Radio? No matter how excellently you juggle administrative, technical and sales functions, take your eye off the content ball and the whole collection is going to come thudding back down to earth.

We must say in passing that we believe that television and other video programming execs have seen the example set by the recording companies, who continue to flail about counterproductively, and are taking all necessary steps to avoid the same fate. That said, they also stand to come up against new competition from internet-enabled creators, and should be prepared not only to compete – but to for alliances.