Now On Public Notice: A Review Of The FCC’s Media Rules


Don’t like some of those “unnecessary or burdensome” FCC rules?

You’re in luck.

The Commission today (5/18) issued a Public Notice that begins a review of its rules applicable to media entities, including broadcasters, cable operators, and satellite television providers.

The FCC’s action invites public comment on which media rules should be modified or eliminated as unnecessary or burdensome.  Through this review, the FCC seeks to reduce regulations that can stand in the way of competition, innovation, and investment in the media marketplace.

The Commission also seeks input regarding specific rules from which small businesses should receive regulatory relief.

“Today’s media entities are subject to a multitude of regulations, many of which are decades old,” the Republican-led FCC said. “By launching this initiative, the FCC takes another step toward modernizing its rules to the benefit of American consumers.”

The issuance of the Pubic Notice comes on a party-line 2-1 vote, with the FCC’s lone Democrat, Mignon Clyburn, dissenting.


Speaking in favor of the Public Notice, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said, “The goal here is the same as it is with our biennial review—but for our media regulations. That is, we want to figure out whether and how to update our rules to match the realities of today’s marketplace.  We aim to get public input on which rules are still necessary and which should be modified or eliminated.  We want to modernize our rules in order to better promote the public interest and clear a path for more competition, innovation, and investment in the media sector.  This is simply good government.”