Now that’s a special delivery


When it comes to ordering lunch for delivery, Gerry House has us all beat. Country star Keith Urban was doing an in-studio interview at WSIX-FM Nashville last week when his wife called in to correct his answer to a question. Yes, he was doing Lamaze classes, she said, but he just didn’t know the name. The pregnant missus said she was on the way to the station to meet hubby, but had gotten stuck in traffic. That prompted House to suggest that she stop at a particular shop and pick up a salad for him.

Twenty minutes later Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman (she is Mrs. Urban, if you didn’t know) showed up at the WSIX studios and handed House a bag. “Here you go, Gerry – one Woodmont Salad.” The DJ was startled, thankful and overwhelmed. “I have no intention of eating this. Are you kidding? Lunch delivered by Nicole Kidman? I’m having it bronzed!”