NPR comes out in support of National Broadband Plan


Radio broadcasters have their own issues with digital communication technology, but since they are not (yet) under direct assault from spectrum-hungry FCC staffers, most have had little to say about the National Broadband Plan. But noncommercial National Public Radio gave NBP its enthusiastic approval. It says it has already embarked on its own digital journey.

NPR’s President and CEO Vivian Schiller said, “The Commission’s ambitious and much-needed recommendations for a National Broadband Plan contain recognition of the central role for public media.  To ensure that the American public continues to have free and universal access to public media content, high-speed and affordable broadband access is simply a given. “

She continued, “Public radio is off and running in pursuit of the ‘robust digital media ecosystem’ the Commission references. Our launch of the API, ARGO and applications for mobile devices that ease access to public radio content are reflective of our intentions and ambitions. NPR and its partner stations are eager to work with the Commission, the Congress and others in achieving the expanded public service vision of the National Broadband Plan.”