NPR iPad app now available on The App Store


NPR announced the launch of the NPR App and a fully optimized website for the iPad. The site and app are both free and offer two new ways to access and experience NPR’s multimedia content. Using a magazine-style presentation, the NPR App highlights News, Arts & Life, and Music content. It is also a destination to discover hundreds of NPR stations and their programs. The website features all of’s content, including its photo journalism, but has been optimized for the touch screen and given a more prominent audio player on the assumption that listening will be a key part of the iPad experience.

The app and site each load audio players created exclusively for the iPad, making listening easier and giving users more control with play/pause, resume and scrub options. The audio players can keep stories in play mode while users explore other aspects of the app or site, including reading stories or viewing images or photo galleries. In both the app and site, the player remains visible whenever audio is playing, providing a constant companion listening tool that references the story or stream as users browse.

Features of the NPR App for iPad:
Organized by News, Arts & Life, and Music
Takes full advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch user interface and gesture-based navigation
Navigation bar that puts users in control of their audio experience: NPR and station audio, more than 1,000 live streams and playlist
Magazine-style presentation that invites users to browse, think, reflect, imagine and be entertained
Captures popular features of the NPR News App for iPhone and iPod Touch, including playlist, station finder, bookmarking station favorites and sharing

Features of the NPR website optimized for iPad:
Showcases NPR photo journalism and photo galleries
Improved audio control function persists at the bottom of each page, moving with users as they travel from page to page
Convenient tap gesture controls