NPR One for Android Mirror-Link Compatible


NPR / National Public RadioThe NPR One for Android app is now compatible with Mirror-Link.

The Car Connectivity Consortium says a download enables that function for participating Android audio apps.

“Compatibility with MirrorLink makes NPR One driver-aware and accessible via large icons that conform to established guidelines in driver distraction. As a car connectivity standard, MirrorLink offers the added benefit of wide-scale handset and vehicle interoperability,” says Joel Sucherman, Senior Director of Digital Products at NPR.

Participants say the enabling download with RockScout is free and open-source, and that MirrorLink can tell if your car is in Park or in Drive (presumably to make the display simple with less distraction if it’s in Drive.)




  1. Wait, wait, don’t tell me… Someone has come up with an app for Android phones to enable you to stream NPR in your car from your phone? Why not just TURN ON THE RADIO?

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