NPR's Quid Pro Quo: "No Religious Programming Permitted"


I found this out when I asked the local Sacred Heart University station why they didn’t program any “God” on their FM. They said NPR’s contract prohibits that, if affiliate station gets NPR to pay 7% of the affiliates’ annual operating expenses plus 40 weekly hours of free news.  I checked on about 30 well-known Catholic-owned universities’ stations around the country and found a surprising number who use NPR.

Guess I could build a case that NPR belongs to the prevalent secularization that one major political party seems to be perpetuating. And, that’s where some of our tax dollars have gone–to fund NPR, which then puts programming handcuffs on its affiliates on dayarts other than “All Things Considered, etc.”

But think of what the media would say if CBS or Fox News Radio networks had that in their affiliates’ contracts–as a Quid Pro Quo. Yes, I’m a rock-ribbed Republican. No, don’t belong to any organized party.”

–Frank Boyle, station broker