NRB calls on FCC to retain cable must-carry


Cable operators may feel a need to keep the affiliates of national broadcast networks on their channel lineup, but that may not be the case with independent television operators. Still, those stations provide important local service, and association National Religious Broadcasters is calling on the FCC to keep must-carry rules in place.

They noted that they and other niche operators simply lack the muscle to enter into a fair negotiation with an MVPD and need the must-carry rule to remain in existence.

“The critical ‘Must Carry’ rules allow local religious television broadcasters to offer programs…that reaffirm the values of American society,” says NRB’s Frank Wright. “They are able to pair with religious, children’s, civic, and other program providers to offer the American consumer the wholesome programming so often lacking today.”

NRB further claimed its member stations are valued and needed by a great many viewers. “Those religious viewers do not add to the average cost of a cable bill,” says NRB’s Craig Parshall, “but they, along with non-commercial religious television broadcasters, would be substantially underserved and therefore economically disadvantaged if ‘Must Carry’ is eradicated.”