NRC spins out of Ft. Collins


KRKY-FM Estes Park CO, a former Denver-move-in wannabe eventually blocked by a co-owned station, is headed off to a new owner. The buyer is W. Philip Robinson’s United Stations CP LLC.

KRKY-FM used several formats and sets of call letters trying to carve out a piece of Denver for owner NRC Broadcasting, headed by Timothy Brown. But in the end, the 102.1 MHz station was induced to focus on Fort Collins-Greeley when a sister, KCUV-FM, moved to Greenwood Village CO on 102.3 MHz and made any further KRKY designs on the Denver impossibility.

Robinson will pay $150K cash for the station, which currently relies on an Adult Alternative format in the Fort Collins market. Robinson owns two other Colorado FMs, both in unrated portions of the state south and west of Pueblo, and far-removed from Fort Collins.

NRC’s KJAC-FM Timnath gives it a pair of stations serving Denver-Boulder, and it owns an armada of stations (and LMAs others) in unrated portions of the state via its NRC Broadcasting Mountain Group.