NRJ adds to portfolio with Trenton NJ LPTV


A group of investors with various communications interests came together for the purpose of acquiring television stations, most recently WSAH-TV Bridgeport CT in the New York City DMA. Now a new deal is bringing in W50DZ, a digital low power outlet in Trenton NJ, which is in the Philadelphia sphere of television ratings influence.

The deal is valued at $3.5M.

The seller is WZBN-TV Inc., headed by Gregory L. Zanoni.

NRJ TV Philly License Co. LLC is the name of the license company, headed by Robert G. Andrew and Ted B. Bartley.

It has three underlying companies each with a 33.3% equity stake: NRJ Holdings (Ted Bartley, Sharon Bartley and others); 5 Star Spectrum LLC (J. Daniel Sullivan, U. Bertram Ellis Jr., Janet Schoff, David Pulido and James V. Sandry); and Drumcree LLC (W. Lawrence Patrick, Susan Patrick).

W50DZ has retransmission agreements with systems owned by Verizon FiOS and TKR Cable.
It will be the company’s second Philadelphia-area station, pairing with WTVG-TV Reading. In addition to the pending WSAH deal, it also owns KCNS-TV San Francisco and WMFP-TV Lawrence MA, in the Boston DMA.