NRJ strikes again with Red Lion TV


SoldJust days after filing with the FCC to acquire a Class A television station in Chicago, NRJ Holdings has struck again – this time getting a MeTV affiliate in the Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York PA DMA.

The station is a MeTV affiliate licensed to Red Lion PA, and it’s being sold by Red Lion Broadcasting Company Inc. It’s an estate sale – signing off on the deal is Anna Plourde-Norris, who is listed as executrix. Former principal John H. Norris died in 2008.

The price will be $9M cash. The seller was represented by Greg Guy of Patrick Communications, who agreed with RBR-TVBR that it seemed like a good price for a non-Big Four affiliate in the #41-ranked DMA. He said it was a matter of going through the process and that it was the best price offered.

Guy also handled the earlier acquisition of WOCH-CA in Chicago, which went into the books as a $7.4M cash deal. The seller in that one was KM LPTV of Chicago, owned by the Bae family.