NRRC recommends planning, buying guidelines for national services


As each local market is commercialized, it will be integrated into the national services – RADAR and Nationwide.  This type of market by market integration of dual methodologies is unprecedented in any broadcast media.  As such, there have been many questions as to how to work with and manage this continuously changing mix of audience databases.

Similar to the generally accepted Network Radio Research Council (NRRC) guidelines for Posting and Re-Rating released in May; the NRRC has now developed recommended guidelines for the planning and buying of national radio during Arbitron’s ongoing integration of Portable People Meter (PPM) audience data into the national radio measurement currencies of Nationwide and RADAR.

“As Arbitron continues the integration of Portable People MeterTM (PPMTM) data into the national radio measurement services of RADAR and Nationwide, the Network Radio Research Council (NRRC) has worked to assist our marketplace in the efficient and appropriate use of this continually changing audience listening database mix.” said the Network Radio Research Council.

It is our recommendation that in order to plan for total GRPs on any given schedule, the survey upon which the previous schedule for that product was purchased should be used as a base with current affiliations and clearances.  Due to the number of variables involved with each subsequent release of data during the two year PPM market integration, it is recommended that no one attempt to project future audience estimates based on intended PPM rollout schedules

Similar to the posting and re rating methods, we will use current affiliations and clearances with previously purchased surveys specific to each product to create a baseline from which to determine point levels adjusted for PPM using the current ratings.

For instance, if you purchased 100.0 GRPs in your 2009 Upfront off RADAR 98, and you would like to maintain that GRP level, you should take the current clearances/affiliations for each network and run them against RADAR 98 to obtain 100.0 GRPs in total.  At that point, you can then convert your schedule to the current currencies at time of proposal.

“We commend The Network Radio Research Council for its initiative in recommending guidelines to help all network buyers and sellers during this unique transition. These guidelines are consistent with both the NRRC’s posting guidelines of May 14, 2009 and Arbitron’s guidelines in local markets for posting during the PPM transition” said Robert Henrick, Executive Vice President – Customer Solutions, Arbitron.