NUGEN Audio Shows Off Latest Products At NAMM


The 2017 NAMM Show, a three-day event held Jan. 19-22 in Anaheim, Calif., has become a hub for people wanting to seek out the newest innovations in musical products, recording technology, sound and lighting. Staged by the National Association of Music Merchants, the event has also emerged as a source for the latest in audio technologies.

This explains the presence of NUGEN Audio, which presented its newest high-end mix, mastering, and post-production software.

In the spotlight was MasterCheck Pro, a new codec and loudness auditioning plug-in that enables music professionals to deliver masters optimally tuned for today’s music streaming services.

NUGEN Audio also introduced ISL DSP for Avid Venue S6L, a new addition to the ISL True-Peak Limiter product line.

This update for ISL DSP introduces full support for Avid Venue S6L live systems in addition to the existing support for Avid HDX and native formats. The highly transparent true-peak limiting algorithms in ISL DSP can meet the demands of both live gigs and massive, complex studio projects. 

The 2017 NAMM Show also saw the domestic debut of MasterCheck Pro, NUGEN Audio’s new loudness, dynamics, and codec auditioner for music professionals. 

“Data compression and loudness matching can affect mixes in various unforeseen ways,” said Jon Schorah, Creative Director at NUGEN Audio. “MasterCheck Pro gives the control of the listening experience back to producers, letting them mix to each streaming service’s criteria. They can identify problems ahead of time and optimize their mixes, resulting in music that reaches the listener sounding exactly as originally intended.”

MasterCheck Pro lets producers hear and visualize what music streaming services will do with their mix ahead of time — including the playout encoding and loudness matching now in use by HD Radio, in addition to streaming audio services.