Seeking Super Stereo Mixes?


Looking for the best possible stereo mixes from original surround audio sources?

NUGEN Audio has some new downmixing technology that may be of keen interest.

The company is set to unveil its new Halo Downmix at the 2017 NAB Show, to be held April 24-27 in Las Vegas.

NUGEN Audio calls its Halo Downmix “a highly creative solution for precise downmixing of feature-film or 5.1 mixes to stereo.”

The product’s key benefits include the elimination of excess ambient sound as the rear channels collapse to stereo, which has the potential for causing indistinct dialog or disproportionate levels of low-frequency energy.

” Original archive material, when upmixed using legacy methods such as rear-channel delay and phase shifting, can end up with audible timing errors when summed to the phantom center,” NUGEN notes.

“We created Halo Downmix in direct response to customer demand,” said Jon Schorah, the company’s founder and creative director. “Many of our Halo Upmix users also need high-quality downmix processes to handle legacy and third-party content. Halo Downmix provides new levels of creative control to improve the quality of stereo downmixes, therefore making it easier to deliver on the creative intent of the original mix in stereo.”

NUGEN Audio will also take time at the NAB Show to demonstrate the latest update to Halo Upmix, its tool for upmixing stereo audio to 5.1/7.1/9.1 surround. The update includes algorithmic improvements designed to enhance multichannel-to-multichannel mix and upmix adjustments using the Halo Upmix technologies.



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