Nutrition and Tampa, FL spots revealed


According to Arbitron, Tampa, FL is the 19th largest radio market with a population of 2,379,300. It was the 18th market a year ago. According to Media Monitors, the #1 advertiser in Tampa last week was GEICO with 964 spots. Coming in #2 was VERIZON with 740 spots, while MCDONALD’S was #3 airing 612 announcements. RICK SCOTT FOR GOVERNOR was #4, up from #83 with 566 spots. The US DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION was #5 with 519 spots and THE HOME DEPOT was #6 running 514 ads. 1-800-411-PAIN was #7 with 465 commercials, while the FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH was #8 with 463 spots. PUBLIX (Groceries) was #9 with 415 spots and BP was #10 with 414 announcements.

PROLIXUS was #1 with 4,725 spots. BETA PROSTATE was #2 running 3,591 commercials, while ONE A DAY (Bayer) was #3 with 1,946 spots. CENTRUM (Pfizer) was #4 airing 1,706 announcements and ZENCORE PLUS was #5 with 1,633 spots. #6 was FOCUSFACTOR with 1,087 spots, while NEUROSTIN was #7 running 1,077 ads. NUTRISHOP was #8 with 999 spots and COMPLETE NUTRITION was #9 with 890 spots. NUTRITION MARKET was #10 with 760 spots.

#1 once again this week in the USA was GEICO with 53,588 spots. THE HOME DEPOT was #2 running 35,660 ads, while VERIZON was #3 with 29,348 commercials. MCDONALD’S was #4 with 26,515 spots. AUTOZONE held at #5 airing 23,966 ads.

NOTE: Auto manufacturers that were in the top 100: TOYOTA at #15 with 12,830 spots, NISSAN at #17 with 12,450 ads, CHEVROLET at #20 ran 11,001, FORD LINCOLN MERCURY at #25 with 10,027 spots, MERCEDES-BENZ at #40 with 8,111 spots, HYUNDAI at #65 airing 5,130 spots, BMW at #76 with 4,559 spots, SUBARU was #81 with 4,307 and LEXUS at #83 with 4,250 spots. Noticeably missing from the list was CHRYSLER – DODGE – JEEP.

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