NY Post launches “New York Addictionary”


SpectrumDNA has signed a contract with the New York Post to license its Addictionary, a SaaS (software-as-a-service) user-generated dictionary that lets people create their own words and definitions. The New York Addictionary will serve as an engine to increase key metrics of user engagement including page views, time spent on site, frequency of visits, viral and word-of-mouth distribution and premium ad and sponsorship inventory.

“This is all a vital part of the evolution of newspaper business in the age of social media,” said Chris Shaw, Vice President Digital Media at the New York Post. “New Yorkers have a definite and unique cultural point-of-view.  By offering this engine of engagement, it gives our users a creative outlet for user-generated-content and a simultaneous platform for social commentary.  It is the perfect context to exercise creativity while spending more time on nypost.com.”

The application is set to launch in August and will pave the way for derivative products such as greeting cards, calendars, games and books featuring the top-rated words created by the community at NYPost.com.