NY TV station subscribes to PPM


Strictly speaking, WYNZ-LP is a low-power television station on channel 6, but it operates as a commercial radio station, promoting its dial position as 87.7. It won’t be reported in the regular radio ratings, but Arbitron is selling it station-specific custom PPM listening estimates. The station’s owner, Mega Media Group, is also subscribing to the market’s regular PPM ratings as well, presumably to show how its station stacks up to the competition.

“PPM makes it possible for Arbitron to provide custom reports of the audience of Pulse 87 FM, a new station specifically targeted to the multi-racial and diverse mosaic of the five boroughs of New York City. Radio is increasing its offerings through non-traditional channels and the PPM system was designed with the flexibility to provide custom solutions for all audio platforms,” said Arbitron President of Sales & Marketing Pierre Bouvard.