NYMRAD: Continued Ad Growth For Radio



NYMRAD / New York Market Radio

According to the New York Market Radio Association (NYMRAD)’s “Q2 2016 State of the New York Market Report,” AM and FM radio stations in the nation’s largest market by population are doing just fine.

Total New York radio revenue “showed some positive growth in the first half of 2016,” NYMRAD reports.

In particular, some 450 advertisers increased their spending by double-digit percentages. Of that group of advertisers, 63 more than doubled their radio ad spend, each paying upward of $100,000 for commercial air time.

Of the big spenders, six advertisers were automotive brands, while nine are in the food and beverage sector, Miller Kaplan data for July 2016 show.

Meanwhile, Miller Kaplan data show communications/cellular spending up 7%, compared to the first six months of 2015. For AT&T and T-Mobile, double-digit percentage increases were seen for the first six months of 2016.

Political advertising was examined by NYMRAD, and it is now known that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ attempt to defeat Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in the New York Democratic primary involved a big radio spend.

Sanders aired some 1,378 radio spots, spending $506,000, Media Monitors data obtained by NYMRAD finds.

By comparison, Clinton ran 483 spots, spending $170,000 at radio, Miller Kaplan data finds.

Sanders ultimately spent about $9.03 per vote for radio and television ads in New York, while Clinton spent $3.62.

Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump spent 13 cents per vote in New York, where he is expected to attract far less voters than in all ZIP codes north of Westchester and Rockland Counties.

Trump today placed his first television ads of the general election by investing some $3.5 million in ads set to air Friday in the battleground states of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Trump presently trails Clinton in each of these states.

The third-largest political advertiser in New York during the first half of 2016 was Danilo Medina, president of the Dominican Republic. Medina was successfully reelected as the nation’s leader in May 2016, and advertising in New York provided expatriates who wished to vote in their home country the necessary information for deciding whether or not he should stay in power.

Medina won easily, attracting 61.7% of votes in the Dominican election.

“The New York market continues to see year over year growth through Q2,” observed Marc Rayfield, Sr. VP/Market Manager for CBS Radio’s New York cluster and NYMRAD Chair.  ”With the political season still ahead, we are optimistic about a positive finish for 2016.”