NYMRAD gearing up for even bigger Ad Week push


The New York Market Radio Association (NYMRAD) isn’t resting on its laurels after last year’s first-ever Ad Week event. It is planning to get “Loud” for October’s 2011 Ad Week in New York.

“Loud, The Sound of Influence” is set for Wednesday, October 5th, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square. Cocktails and the VIP meet and greet is set for 5:00 pm).

NYMRAD declared that “Loud” will surpass last year’s star-studded debut by the radio organization onto the Advertising Week stage with trendsetting leaders who are re-shaping the radio landscape to offer listeners and advertisers integrated platforms for audio and visual engagement.  Attendees can expect provocative discussion and demonstration of how radio, influential personalities and all of the medium’s digital content and activity can be highly entertaining, informative and simultaneously deliver significant results for marketers.

Like last year, the event will continue a new direction in the conversation about Radio by highlighting the medium’s ability to deliver an impactful message in lifestyle-driven formats that resonate with the intended audience. 

“Radio is the opportunity to connect and capture the attention and imagination of consumers through sound,” noted NYMRAD Chair, Alex Cameron.  “That requires imagination, creativity, storytelling, and Radio delivers that in a trusted environment. Air personalities are a familiar voice in the local community, keeping listeners informed on the topics that matter to them, specifically. Radio stations are now transplanting that and evolving digitally from social media fan bases to video content and that will be a big highlight this year.”